Property Liner Plot/Site Monitoring

We believe that every piece of land, inherited or hard earned, is precious. However, free lands are susceptible to invasion and other unwanted actions. Our services ensure that a given plot is legally and physically protected from these problems. We then provide an online view of all the documents and images of the property through our portal. We offer plot / land monitoring services in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Banglore.

Our services for Plot/Site monitoring include

Property Management Services

Verification and Valuation of the Plot

Visit the plot to make sure there are no invasions and that the earth is safe from external threats. Create a report indicating the status and evaluation of the plot, if there is no invasion or misuse. Upload property images and customer account reports to the portal for viewing.

Property Management Services

Payment of property tax

Pay property taxes regularly without any interval and comply with legal requirements. Check if there are arrears in relation to property tax and cancel them legally. Upload your tax revenue to the portal for reference and records.

Property Management Services

Obtaining Encumbrance Certificate and other documents

Get EC - the registry document - which establishes title ownership for the property. Validate the title history and see if a registered mortgage or privilege prevails on the property. Get the documents related to the revenue from the revenue authorities for the property.

Property Management Services

Periodic Property Visits

Make regular visits to the site to check if the plot or land remains safe. We offer a minimum of 4 visits per year. It creates a report, in addition to ensuring safety, indicating the status or any recent developments of interest inside and outside the plot. Take photos of the plot and upload it to the portal for customer reference.

Property Management Services

Plot or Site Cleaning

Supervise thorough cleaning of the plot or site when necessary. Upload photos of the work before and after completion on the portal. Labor commissions will be billed as effective.

Property Management Services

Fencing or Compounding Boundaries

Examine the site and report the need to build a fence or compound. Undertake border construction under our supervision. The costs for this will be as per actual. Upload photos to the portal.

Property Management

Through Property Management services, we oversee and operate the properties of our customers while treating them as our own. Each customer receives an online portal account. Through this portal customers are constantly updated of the events and can see the status of their properties. The portal also acts as a means of communication between the property manager and the customer. Concerns or requests sent through this portal by the customer are logged as tickets which are assigned to the property managers without delay.

Tenant Management

We actively aid the owners and tenants through a series of services leading to an agreement for rent between the owner and the tenant. Owners register their properties through our portal to show up in our listings. And, our listings are maintained diligently and never extend thus allowing an easy tenant search process. Our property listings for rent include options such as Villas, apartments, plots/lands, individual houses and commercial properties in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag and Guntur

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